Wait til you see what we have in store for this Villa San Giacomo Wedding! We met up with these two, the day before, in the city. Exploring alleyways, in between shops, staircases, and scoping out lemon trees around every turn. We ended the day at dusk, out on the beach and felt as if we were the only people in the world, in the most beautiful place on earth. Justin & Stephanie's super fun day before, Adventure Session was the perfect start to their destination Villa San Giacomo Wedding plans in Positano, Italy.

Knowing the amazing time we had already shared with these two, we knew we were in for more amazing moments on their wedding day. We took a taxi over to the Villa San Giacomo and climbed the steep hill all the way up to the front entryway. This place was even more beautiful than our memories could recall and we were both beaming with excitement to be back at this magical spot on the Amalfi Coast.

We found our way through the villa's stunning terraces and continued counting stairs as we made our way to the top floor where both the bride and groom were getting ready together. Can we just say how much we love these two and their laid back nature?! We adore that they threw tradition out the window and spent their morning together instead of apart. We also loved how their family and closest friends were all near, filtering in and out and enjoying their afternoon being in each other's company and all so excited for the celebration ahead. The pre-ceremony for this Villa San Giacomo Wedding in the Villa was a calm atmosphere. Some of their guests took a dip in the pool before getting ready. Others lounged around admiring Positano's breathtaking sea views. It was a dream getting to explore around the rooms and photograph the day unfolding naturally.

Villa San Giacomo Wedding

Justin & Stephanie are both blessed with fun brothers and we loved getting to know both of them throughout the day. Stephanie even chose for her brother to stand by HER side as she tied the knot. And he was the best "man-of-honor" we've ever seen! He took his role very serious and was supportive and attentive to Stephanie all day. We loved witnessing their close connection to their family and friends throughout their perfect wedding day.

There were so many favorite moments from this Villa San Giacomo Wedding. Having only 18 guests in attendance added to the laid-back, relaxed atmosphere and made the day feel intimate. The long dinner table was perfect for everyone to interact and share each delicious Italian course. And to top it off, each guest was provided their own bottle of Limoncello. Perfecto!

Another favorite moment was getting to steal these two for some GORGEOUS one-on-one moments around the villa. We stole them, just after dinner, right at sunset. They both shared with us how important their couple photos were to them and we couldn't feel more grateful for that. Justin & Stephanie allowed us the time and creative freedom to truly capture these special moments and weren't worried about rushing back to their reception. That's what we love most about intimate weddings... Everything is so relaxed and enjoyable. There is more time to 'just enjoy' each moment of the day rather than rushing through it to get to the next part. We love these two SO MUCH for understanding that and we're so glad we got to document their incredible day to the fullest.

Justin & Stephanie, you two are wonderful. We loved every minute with you both and getting to be a part of your amazing day. The joy you both bring to your relationship is completely infectious. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments with us!

Mark & Kelly

Vendors from the day:
The Stewarts Roam Photography
Villa San Giacomo
Planner - Vittoria
Off-white Oscar de la Renta gown
Custom made royal blue suit
Hair - Piero

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