Uptown Charlotte Engagement + Stop-Motion Film | Chris & Jen

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Uptown Charlotte Engagement + Stop-Motion Film | Charlotte, NC | Chris & Jen

Who doesn’t love holding hands, being in the city, dancing with your loved one, and arguing politics… wait what?!  Yep!  For Chris & Jen, their right and left wing voting habits don’t quite match up.  But that’s what keeps things interesting between these to love birds.  Throw in The Queen’s City busy streets, it’s beautiful architecture, and it’s undoubtedly awesome city skyline and we were dying over this uptown Charlotte engagement session!  The Stop-Motion Film we captured truly sealed the deal on this bipartisan photoshoot and this fabulous night in the city.  😉  Be sure to watch it below and cast your vote… I mean… leave a comment for Holden McBride 2014!

[flo_video] https://vimeo.com/75263736 [/flo_video]

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