The Stewart’s Wedding Anniversary | Vacation in Lake Lure

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The Stewart’s Wedding Anniversary | Vacation in Lake Lure

Last month, in honor of me & Mark’s 4 year wedding anniversary, we decided to take a little trip.  As you know, a few months back we photographed Benji & Angie’s awesome wedding day at this very spot.  Ever since that chilly (I’m always cold!) and rainy destination wedding, we were just dying to come back for a longer visit and hopefully for a little sunshine too.  Well, we got our wish!  Not only was the weather great for our trip, but soon after our little vaycay we received an inquiry for ANOTHER destination wedding in Lake Lure!  We absolutely can’t wait to come back here again for their small, intimate (10 person guest list!) wedding.. very Mark and Kelly style if you ask me! 😉  This place is becoming a huge favorite on our list after all the special memories we have made (and captured) here.  We even decided to bring Bella (our fluffy cat) along for the trip.. you’re judging us now aren’t you?!  But seriously, we had a blast!  We spent a day out on “the beach” aka the lake, surrounded by beautiful mountain views and gorgeous sunny skies.  Then, the next day we decided to take on Chimney Rock.  Now, I will go on record saying that we are NOT “hikers.”  But, from the highest peak of the mountain (yes, we hiked!) to the bottom of a 400 foot waterfall (I told you, we hiked..!) we saw some of the prettiest views North Carolina has to offer.  The only time it rained our entire trip was when we were at the highest point on the trail.. go figure.. but even drenched in sweat and pouring rain, we took turns holding our camera under our shirts and continued trekking up and down the trails.  After we conquered the mountains and the rain, we traveled back to our hotel room at the Lake Lure Inn, showered, and took a (pretty lengthy) catnap.  Don’t make fun of us, I told you we weren’t hikers and those manmade stairs were steep!  We truly were on Mark & Kelly time, it was perfect. 🙂

And because we are obsessed with Instagram, below are a few of our cell phone shots journaling portions of our trip via Instagram!  To see more of The Stewart’s personal insta pics, follow us @kellyraestewart and @5dmarkstew

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