The Stewarts Decorating the Tree | Christmas 2015

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The Stewarts Decorating the Tree | Christmas 2015

Another year has come and gone!  I can’t even believe how fast this holiday season is going by.. Mark and I are just trying not to blink.  Although we have been making these “decorating the Christmas tree” videos for six years now (wow!), this year was a little milestone for us… This is our first Christmas in our new home!  We moved in this January and while we have gotten to see our new home in a snowy winter, this is our first time being able to decorate for the holidays whilst living here.  I’m gonna go ahead and say, that having a home with stand alone walls for Christmas is everything we hope it would be!  No more noisy neighbors and no more LONG walks into a somewhat questionable apartment complex… HA!  (It’s easy to poke fun now, but we did love our little apartment).  We feel incredibly blessed to be in such a warm, comfortable home.  And now that our new pup (Romy) has joined our little family, it feels even more like our home is coming together.

Making these videos every year gets harder and harder as we are always trying to make each one a little different from the last.  This year we had the idea of making the point of view from the tree!  It was a really fun experiment since this was our first time trying a completely new perspective.  It’s not perfect, but we love it!  Another fun Christmas video captured for us to look back on.  We totally dropped the ball on not taking Christmas photos this year (and we’re photographers so we really have no excuse!) but this is always our annual “Christmas card” to our family and friends. 😉  We hope you all enjoy!

Love, The Stewarts

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