The Stewarts Decorating the Christmas tree 2014

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I can’t believe that it is almost Christmas… Oh what a great year it has been!  As you may already know, one of The Stewart’s favorite yearly traditions is our “decorating the Christmas tree” stop-motion video.  This year is no different in the fact that we knew, come December, we were going to shoot a video.  However, this year has been a very different Christmas for us already.  We have a little secret that we’ve been keeping… and it’s time to reveal our exciting news!  Drum roll please………………………………………………
WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!  …….LOL, what did you think I was going to say? 😉  Yep, it’s true.  We are moving!  And while we are both aching with excitement for a new chapter ahead, we are currently still in our condo for another lovely Christmas.  Living amongst piles of boxes, stacked from floor to ceiling, in every nook and cranny of little space that we have, may not sound thrilling but I will say that we have had a lot more time to play house forts than we did before.  And you can’t tell me who wouldn’t love the occasional feeling that they’re living in a yard sale….  Okay, okay, in all seriousness.. I may be going a little crazy in this organized chaos!  Everyone knows that moving is tough.  And when adding the inevitable stress of the holidays on top of it, while also trying to wrap up our wonderful 2014 wedding season… there we are.  It hasn’t been an easy past few months but we are very hopeful for what’s ahead!  Mark and I have been praying daily for peace and calm through all of this and we know that God will see us through.

We are so excited about getting into our new home but first, we didn’t want to just blow past Christmas or skip our annual traditions that we look forward to all year.  We decided to shoot our video this year, but just a much simpler one.  Normally Mark and I spend lots of time coming up with ideas for our videos and spend even more time shooting and editing.  This year, we simply wanted to document our last Christmas in our first home together.  We purchased a pretty, tiny tree and with boxes overflowing half of our living room, we captured us decorating our tree. 🙂  I feel like we have come full circle… the first year we made a stop-motion video, we used a fake little tree (just to sort of “get through” the holidays with).  And here we are again with a little skinny artificial tree, haha.  Mostly, we create these videos for fun memories to look back on when we’re older.  We also make these films for our “Christmas cards” to our friends and family, each year.  So, we hope that this video puts a smile on your face and helps get you in the Christmas spirit, just like it did for us! 🙂  Here is The Stewarts Christmas 2014!!!

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