Hall and Gardens Landmark Wedding | Ali & Emily

Hall and Gardens Landmark Wedding | Ali & Emily

 When Ali & Emily’s big day finally arrived, it was a little bittersweet. Ali’s family is from Iran and unfortunately couldn’t come to celebrate his big day due to the recent travel bans. It was so sweet to witness Ali being welcomed into Emily’s family with open arms and big smiles. The whole day was filled with tons of happy tears and tender moments. We loved that some of Ali’s family got to listen in during the ceremony via video chat! It’s so obvious what a loyal and loving family these two both have. And now that they’re all one family, we couldn’t be happier for them!

Ali & Emily make such an adorable (and not to mention, gorgeous) couple. They were a breeze to have in front of our cameras and we loved that they trusted us throughout their day. They were scheduled to have their ceremony outside in Landmark’s beautiful garden however, the rain clouds had plans of their own. Luckily, the rain did hold off long enough for us to do plenty of pre-ceremony photos and take advantage of their venue’s lovely outdoor spots. We particularly loved getting to photograph Ali & Emily’s sweet First Look on a terrace top, surrounded by downtown Raleigh.

The Hall and Gardens at Landmark is such a pretty place and was a perfect host for Ali & Emily’s special day. We love that they included lots of Azerbaijani traditions. Our favorite of which included the couple exchanging pinkies, dipped in honey, to one another. This tradition represents the couple having sweetness in their lives. It was such a cool thing to see all of the little symbols of their ceremony and what they all meant.

After the ceremony, we asked Ali & Emily if they wanted to continue with our plans to take some one-on-one pictures even though the rain was pouring down. They said “yes!” And it just confirmed how much we liked these two and their adventurous spirits! We grabbed an umbrella and retreated to the gardens to find a covering. Once we were there, we strolled around the wet grounds and instructed Ali & Emily to embrace the moment of being newlyweds and to cuddle each other up (mostly since it was pretty chilly by this point). They didn’t hesitate to lock eyes with one another and truly take in the excitement of the day. We loved witnessing these two sweet souls wrap each other up in the middle of the garden, beneath an umbrella, in the chilly rain. We worked fast to be able to get them back inside to dry off, but these two didn’t seem in a hurry. We absolutely love that they valued sharing this moment alone, together. And of course, allowing us to document it for them.

Ali & Emily, thank you for bringing us along to capture the start of your journey together. We know that you two have big things ahead of you and we can’t wait to see where your love leads you. Big congrats and best wishes!

Mark & Kelly

Vendors for the day:
The Stewarts Roam Photography
The Hall and Gardens at Landmark
Residence Inn
Sharif Radney, Sir Concepts
Collin Yarbrough
Lana Addison
Shop Revelry
National Tux Rentals

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