The Grantham House Wedding | Spencer & Julia

The Grantham House Wedding | Spencer & Julia

We adored absolutely everything about this beautiful day! Well, other than the heat, that is. But we were so delighted when the morning rain clouds decided to blow on by and leave us the pretty August sunshine instead. It was a joyous day from the start till the end and if you don’t believe us, we think that Spencer & Julia’s huge smiles, say it all.

These two met in college their freshman year and immediately hit it off. We had only FaceTime chatted with them prior to their big day, but fell in love with their sweet personalities right away. We love how laid back and excited they were to finally tie the knot and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to witness their love. One of our favorite moments of the day was seeing how anxiously excited Spencer was to see Julia for the first time. They decided to have a First Look so they could share the special moment together in private. Spencer’s smile stretched across his entire face as he yelled out that he could hear her getting closer. He kept asking us (with cameras glued to our faces), how many feet away she was. But we decided to let the anticipation build as much as possible before Julia finally greeted him, with a tap on his shoulder. We were just blurry figures to him after he finally got to hold and kiss his beautiful bride. We totally get it. 😉

We continued to roam all over the gorgeous property of The Grantham House to take some one-on-one pictures before the ceremony. Another adorable moment of the day was hearing Julia’s response, during the ceremony, as “I definitely do.” Everybody laughed and was grinning ear-to-ear.

The farm was filled with chickens, goats, sheep, rabbits, and even a llama. The atmosphere was so quaint with a full garden of tall sunflowers, and of course the historic home itself, dating all the way back to 1840. They set up their ceremony spot right next to the big red barn and the reception was held beneath a white tent, that sat next to the farm’s rustic silos. Since there was no signs of rain, the dance floor remained outside of the tent, perfectly placed underneath trees filled with hundreds of sparkling, twinkle lights. A huge vintage cooler was visited frequently by all the guests and the favorite drink of choice was very clearly, glass bottled Dr. Pepper (the bride’s favorite). And a buffet styled dinner served brick oven pizzas to make the perfect menu. As requested by the happy couple, Julia’s brothers sang and played guitar for everyone to enjoy during the reception. It was such a great touch to incorporate their talented siblings and it was very easy to see how close these families were.

Right before sunset, we stole Spencer & Julia away for some last minute photos. Spencer mentioned seeing a corn field on the edge of the property and wanted to know if we would be venturing closer to it. We immediately replied that we had already seen it and were planning to take them to it! We absolutely love how in sync we are with our couples and it always excites us to know that we’re attracting couples who love our style and what we do! We knew as soon as we heard that he was interested in the same spot as us, that once again, we were on the same page with this photo-loving couple. We wasted no time and headed straight for the ‘off-beaten path.’ Nightfall was quickly approaching. Julia is awesome (and so, ‘our bride’) and made the journey barefoot. This wasn’t a manicured path.. there were rocks, dirt, and lots of tall grass to trudge through. They both fully embraced the wild moment and weren’t worried about a thing! And we love them so much for that. Their wedding day was filled with romance and these first newlywed moments at dusk, to us, are everything a wedding day should be. Raw, real, and imperfectly perfect.
And when we were finished and it was almost completely dark, Spencer scooped up his bride and carried her all the way back to their reception. Not because she couldn’t walk or was too uncomfortable, but simply because that’s the kind of love these two have.

The rest of the evening was spent surrounded by family, friends, and charming wildlife. Spencer & Julia danced the night away and their smiles never faded. We couldn’t have ask for a more fun day to be a part of!

Spencer & Julia, thanks for choosing us to document this special day. For trusting us, for not caring about a little dirt, and for loving pizza & Dr. Pepper… You guys couldn’t be any more awesome!

Mark & Kelly


Venue – The Grantham House

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