Starlight Meadow Wedding | Taylor & Samantha

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Starlight Meadow Wedding | Taylor & Samantha

These two people are a perfect example of why we love being wedding photographers.  It’s way more than a job to us.. Getting to document Taylor & Samantha’s special day was one of the most awesome things we’ve ever been apart of!  Not only was I almost in tears behind my camera while watching Taylor say his vows to Samantha, but being able to capture their love for one another all day gave me butterflies in my stomach.  They danced, not just for their ‘first dance,’ but all night.  They stayed close together throughout the evening and watching them exchange smiles back and forth filled me with joy.  I couldn’t put my camera down because I wanted to catch every moment for them.  I wanted them to see what I saw.  This is what true love looks like. <3

T&S, thanks for letting us be apart of your love story.  It’s so easy to see the love that you guys have for each other and that is precisely why we love to do what we do.  We wish you all the best and hope that these moments will always be something you look back on with absolute joy!

Did you miss these two before they said “I-do?”  Here is their apple orchard engagement session.

And Samantha’s gorgeous bridal portraits.

Venue: Starlight Meadow
Wedding Planner:  Sassafras Occasions – Lisa Smith Rash
Band: Turpentine Shine – Benji Morris & Johnny Slate
Hair: Callie Simmons
Makeup: Katie Veasey
Food: Hillbilly’s BBQ
Florist: Just Priceless – Sami Price

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