Smith Mountain Lake Stop-Motion Video | Trey & Nadia

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Smith Mountain Lake Engagement & Stop-Motion Video | Trey & Nadia

What a treat to spend an afternoon with these two!  Trey & Nadia welcomed us at their family’s lake house, at Smith Mountain Lake, for a fun day on the lake and lots of laughs.. it was a wonderful time and we captured them hanging out via pictures for a stellar Stop-Motion video!  We asked them to give us “movement,” and boy did they deliver!  The sunshine, lake, and wind were all working in our favor and Trey & Nadia kept up by simply being their awesome selves.  We knew we liked these two when they booked with us a few months ago.. we met them in person for dessert and instantly hit it off!  But seeing them again brought huge smiles to our faces and we felt honored to be in such great company.  Enjoy a few of our favorite pictures from their session but DON’T MISS the Stop-Motion video of this fun day, down below!

Also, stay tuned for lots more from these two.. Most of all, their wedding this October in WILMINGTON! …We can’t wait!! 🙂

Trey & Nadia Stopmotion Video

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