Meet our amazing friends, Warren & Lisa! We met this cute couple at a dog park and became instant friends over the fact that we both had Australian Shepherds. Totally not kidding! And the crazier part is, we’ve built a lasting friendship off of our little meet-cute that random day in the park.

Sky Retreat Engagement

We’ll never forget the first time we brought up the idea of marriage to our new friends. They were dumbfounded (it seemed at the time) of the idea of getting married and we were awestruck that our innocent question had caused such an awkward moment. It was sort of hilarious though. I mean, it was completely obvious to us how in love they were and how they already felt like another married couple. We waited patiently for them to realize it too. And finally, a couple years later, they did. The marriage topic came up again and this time neither Warren or Lisa were as shy to speak up about their future plans. We were thrilled!

Adorable Proposal

When Warren finally surprised Lisa by popping the question, while spending a day in Disney World, we were so excited for our friends!

Fast forward to them asking us to be apart of their bridal party… wait what?! We normally only work at weddings but the idea of getting to celebrate by our friend’s side meant so much.

Best Friends

Having shared so many memories with these two, it seemed only fitting to get to document a small part of their love story through our lenses. Before their special day got here, we all hopped in the Jeep and drove up to their killer cool venue, Sky Retreat. It was the perfect atmosphere and backdrop for these epic photos of our sweet friends. It seemed we knew this day would come, maybe even before they did. And it was really cool getting to share in their excitement, together.

Excited for the Wedding Day!

Warren & Lisa, we had a blast with you guys and have loved every minute of our friendship so far. Your wedding day was beautiful and we feel so honored to have witnessed it standing by you both. Love you guys and love our crazy Aussies that led us together, 5+ years ago!!

Mark & Kelly

The Stewarts Roam Photography
Sky Retreat

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