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Separk Mansion Bridal | Rachel

Justin & Rachel are married!!!  Which means, we can finally show off this darling bridal session we had with Rachel a few months back!  We visited the lovely Separk Mansion bridal for her portraits.  Rachel’s style screams “vintage glam,” so this venue was the perfect fit.  Like most every bride we have ever had the pleasure of working with, Rachel was a little nervous in front of the camera.. however, her natural beauty shined through and she rocked out her bridal session with us!  No one is ever 100% comfortable in front of cameras which is why it is so important to completely trust your photographers.  We are so lucky to work with brides (and grooms) who trust us to capture them as naturally as possible.. and we are so grateful for Rachel’s trust in us!  Can’t wait to share her and Justin’s AWESOME day at the Foundation for the Carolinas.. it was an honor to document our two friends tie the knot!!  Stay tuned 🙂

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