Roof With A View Wedding | Charlotte, NC | Clay & Cameron

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Roof With A View Wedding | Charlotte, NC | Clay & Cameron

How cute are these two?!  Their simple and elegant Roof With A View wedding in Charlotte, NC was made up of gorgeous sunshine, city views, and the bride & groom’s closest family and friends.  When Clay & Cameron were writing their secret chalkboard messages to one another, they ended up writing the same thing!  That is just one example of how in sync these two are.  I can’t imagine one without the other and that is what makes them such a special couple.  C&C, we had a wonderful time capturing your big day for you and we wish you many happy years together!

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Reception Venue: Roof With A View
Music: Split Second Sound
Florist: Flowers From The Cellar
Wedding Gown: Mecklenburg Bridal


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