Welcome to this beautiful Raven Rock Engagement on a gorgeous October afternoon. All the way up until the day of this session, we thought we were in for unavoidable rain and wind. In order to have any chance to avoid the bad weather, our original session plans quickly needed to be pivoted to a different location spot. We headed EAST to avoid the rains and it totally worked in our favor! Not only did we not have a drop of rain but we even got a glimpse of sunshine. Gabe & Rosie wanted a bit of a mountain vibe, so Raven Rock's huge rock face definitely came through.

We even had the place all to ourselves. Plus one friendly hiker (a sweet older lady) who stopped to tell us how much fun it looked like we all were having. She said, what a neat idea to have your photos taken in a beautiful place while you're having fun. We couldn’t agree more and totally loved her sweet spirit and kind words.

Gabe & Rosie are super adorable together and we loved their playful nature. They were very trusting and up for anything. The "hike" was a couple miles total but very mild and it was so fun strolling the trail with these guys while getting to know each other. Gabe & Rosie met in college while both attending Virginia tech. They are both so easygoing and we adore their relaxed nature. AND they have two cats... So they're definitely our kind of people! 🙂

Raven Rock Engagement

Gabe & Rosie, thanks for being such a calm presence and a delight to photograph for your Raven Rock Engagement. We appreciate you both being flexible and not just canceling plans at the first sign of rain. By waiting until the last minute to pick a new location (that made more sense with the crazy weather) - it totally paid off. We can’t wait for your special day, next September!

Mark & Kelly

The Stewarts Roam Photography


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