Hey internet can't wait to share this Positano Anniversary session!!!
It's been a minute since we've posted last... Our wedding season has been in full swing and Autumn is continually proving to be our most busy season all year. We have so many lovely wedding moments yet to share from this past Summer and of course, Fall too! Including this amazing Positano Adventure Session!

Amalfi Coast

We're cranking things back up, starting off with this AMAZING day on the Amalfi Coast in beautiful Positano, Italy. Our wonderful friends, Daniel & Kayla are no strangers to being in front of our cameras but we wanted to provide them with a different experience than ever before... this time, exploring a new city abroad! If you've spent any time on our website at all, you'll quickly see that we are no strangers to gorgeous Positano, Italy. However, for Daniel & Kayla, it was their first time visiting the incredible Vertical City and we're so happy we got to be a part of that, with them for their Positano Anniversary session!

It was a killer time getting to see everything again with fresh eyes as we roamed up and down these magical alleyways, with these two. We couldn't have asked for a more fun duo to spend this perfect day with and they were both up for anything we asked of them.

Positano Anniversary

This being our third time visiting this special city, making our way through the maze of alleyways had taken on new meaning to us. Instead of walking around in circles, scratching our heads in lost confusion, we wandered the streets with our eyes straight ahead and passion in our footsteps. Like experienced tour guides blazing the trail ahead and knowing the right path to take. We felt empowered now knowing exactly where we were and where we wanted to go. Being able to lead the way and help our sweet friends enjoy their journey more, was a wonderful feeling.

The Vertical City

The photo above was taken high up in the streets of the city. The particular spot is one that we've happened to notice each time we've visited in the past. And each time we've come across it, we'd always remark 'how cool would it be to photograph a couple there.' Previously, it never made sense to lead a couple to this specific spot since it's pretty far off the beaten path and especially not particularly close to any of the wedding venues we've shot at in Positano. After a thousand steps (literally), and a hundred hills (slightly exaggerating), the moment finally aligned in the stars. We were going to get to photograph the shot we'd been picturing in our minds for the past three years.

Perfect Moment

When we were passing our prized marked spot with Daniel & Kayla on the very long walk down to Positano's iconic beach, we had them take a different path that led them up high above the cobblestone street below. The sun was just starting to set and we were pschyed that our vision had finally come to life! Not only that, but this particular photo was also just placed in Junebug Weddings 2019 BEST of the BEST Photo Collection. How awesome is that?! We feel so honored that our friends could share in this proud moment with us and so glad it was them in the winning image! SO COOl!!

Daniel & Kayla were lucky enough to get to spend their 9 year anniversary in this unbelievably beautiful place. And we couldn't be more grateful that they allowed us to document some unforgettable moments with them of their time spent in Italy.

Daniel & Kayla, we LOVE you both and will cherish these memories, forever!!

Mark & Kelly


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