Welcome to this Pilot Mountain Engagement! As you may know, we like to call them adventure sessions! We met up with Trevor & Danielle on a weekday afternoon in November. It’s been a few years since we’ve visited but the memories of these overlooks, didn’t disappoint. Trevor & Danielle weren't quite sure where they should have their pictures taken, but they told us they were game for anything. We love them already! This spot was so pretty and we’re glad Trevor & Danielle trusted us to choose a cool place for their photos.

We checked the radar the day before this Pilot Mountain Engagement and realized a huge tropical storm was coming in and 100% chance of rain was on the forecast. Even on the day of their session, it stayed very overcast and looked like it could downpour at any moment. We traveled in from different directions and Trevor & Danielle said it rained the whole way to their session. We love that they trusted us, despite whatever the weather had in store. Danielle even said that she loved the cloudy skies…. We totally agree! Our absolute favorite photos are dramatic ones, so a little overcast sky can sometimes be the perfect recipe. These two were not only blessed with a gorgeous overcast, moody sky, but THEN got an unbelievable November sunset at the last few moments of daylight. That’s what we call, a perfect outcome! 🙂

More importantly than the weather, these two were a dream to adventure around with. Their laid-back personalities and their giddy smiles, were contagious. They moved to NC from NY just a few months back and we can tell they were ready for an adventure. We’re so happy to have them in our neck of the woods and feel so blessed to be the ones roaming around, capturing their love story.

Pilot Mountain Engagement

Trevor & Danielle, we CAN’T WAIT for your special day, next year. We know it’s going to be as swoon worthy as your sweet adventure session. See you two, then!!

Mark & Kelly

The Stewarts Roam Photography

Pilot Mountain Park

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