If you've looked at our work before, you know that Overlook Barn is a favorite venue of ours that we feel super blessed to get to frequently visit. It's one of the only places we don’t mind getting to shoot at as often as possible! Jacob & Allison had an amazing Overlook Barn Wedding day!

Although, Hurricane Ian came through and landed right on top of Jacob & Allison’s special day, these two were so trusting of us from the very get-go and allowed their timeline to be flexible in order to get the most amazing photos before the rain rolled in.

Luckily, God kept the first part of the day completely dry and clear for us to get LOTS of sweet moments in with the couples before the bottom fell out and rained the remainder of the day. Not just rain, but CRAZY winds. So thankful when couples plan a first look moment, had this couple not planned on seeing each other beforehand, they would have ZERO photos outside together on their wedding day. And at this beautiful mountain venue, that would have been a shame. Allison even came to us at the very beginning of the day and said, that her biggest priority was getting outdoor photos. Knowing how much she wanted that to happen and knowing that the rain was 100% on it’s way. We moved up the first look moment and had Jacob & Allison to get dressed FAST. As soon as they were ready, we ran outside and roamed up to the best spots at Overlook Barn. They shared their first look moment at the big rock overlooking the surrounding mountains. And then we skipped around to some of our favorite places on location, while praying that the rain would hold off a little longer. It did! Ultimately, we got the first look and bridal party photos all in before the rains came and then Jacob & Allison spent the next hour or two hanging out, relaxing, and waiting for their guests to arrive. Honestly, we’re so grateful for their trust and willingness to prioritize those moments. It made all the difference for their day.

The rest of the day was a beautiful dense fog but no more mountain views in sight. Crazy winds and heavy rains. They moved their ceremony into the awesome Cliffside Barn and we left the big garage door (next to the alter) open to still give the ceremony the outdoor vibe, and it was lovely! They even had their sweet dog, Kona, join in the bridal party! You may remember Kona from their fun adventure session at Fort Fisher, earlier this year. We are obsessed when our couples choose to included their fur babies in their wedding day and were so happy to get to capture more photos of Kona!

The crazy weather definitely added a little more chaos to the day but all the guests didn’t seem to mind getting cozy in Overlook’s big barn between the fireplace and lovely atmosphere. Everyone was all smiles, enjoyed toasting, laughing, drinking, and dancing. It was a killer night!

Jacob & Allison came to us at the end of the night and wanted to have a final moment out in the rain before the night was over. So we grabbed some umbrellas, opened the barn door, and were met with the craziest winds for a final photo op. These two were troopers in the cold rain and we snapped as quickly as possible to document a final moment, for them, so they could remember their day to the fullest.

Jacob & Alli, thank you both so much for trusting us COMPLETELY. For allowing us to not only witness these special moments, but to be able to make important decisions that ultimately effected your wedding photos for the better. We always try to give the best experience possible but that’s made a 1000% easier with wonderful couples like you guys who trust us in the process. It means the world to us. 

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