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Ocean Isle Engagement | Justin & Rachel

What a wonderful weekend we had with these two lovebirds!  Justin & Rachel mentioned the idea of having a Ocean Isle engagement session and so we decided to meet up with them at one of our favorite places in the world… Ocean Isle Beach!  This is not only a favorite spot to us because we vacation here every year, but because this is also where Mark and I said OUR “I-do’s.”  We were thrilled to squeeze a little couple’s weekend into our plans as well as document Justin & Rachel at this gorgeous place.  You’re only engaged for a very short amount of time.  Although, it can be a hectic time, it’s also a very special time in your lives.. capturing these two’s excitement and joy before they walk down the isle next year was a blast and I know they will be able to look back on these memories and treasure “the start” of their lives together. 🙂

J&R, we had such a great time hanging out with you guys on your Ocean Isle engagement session.  Can’t wait to do it again sometime!

If you missed seeing Justin proposing to Rachel, be sure to check that out, HERE!!

XO, Mark & Kelly

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