NC December Wedding | Robert & Carrie

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 NC December Wedding | Robert & Carrie

Never before have I seen so much “fighting” before a couple walked down the aisle to say their “I-do’s.”  Wait… maybe I should clarify… MARTIAL ARTS fighting!  Yes, I can honestly say that “everybody was kung fu fightinnnnnng!”  Ha!  This couple may have been fighting all day long at their wedding but when it comes to Robert & Carrie, we expected nothing less than their true personalities to be stamped ALL OVER their special day.  These two met at this awesome dojo in Charlotte, NC and have been fighting (lovingly) ever since!  They are both quite skilled in martial arts and they spend all of their time training and teaching others the same trade.  So, while breaking boards over each other’s heads may be frowned upon to “normal” people.. to Robert & Carrie, it is all in good fun!  We absolutely loved documenting these two tie the knot.  It is so amazing to be apart of weddings that are just dripping with our brides’ & grooms’ personalities and we wouldn’t have it any other way!  Plus, December weddings are always a special treat to photograph! 🙂

 Things like, one thousand and one paper cranes were folded and hung for Robert & Carrie’s dojo wedding ceremony.  Doggie bow ties were fashioned for their two closest companions (Koa & Gary).  Wooden ninjas were placed on top of a very special, made with love, cake from the bride’s mother.  Special things like, a red kimono and red hair dye strands in Carrie’s wedding day hair-do were added touches for the traditional tea ceremony (that took place with her parents and grandparents).  “Kung Fu Fighting” was their first dance song.  Dinner guests used chop sticks to indulge in the Asian cuisine and sushi dinner menu.  The cake was cut using a giant samurai sword.  The cookie bar station had yin & yang Chinese to-go boxes, perfect for guests to take on the road.  And paper lanterns were released by the bride & groom at the end of the night, for good luck.  Needless to say, Robert & Carrie’s big day was a blast all around and an honor to witness.  Namaste!

Venue: The Peaceful Dragon
Cake artist: Kristan Chun (Bride’s sister), Carolene Chun (Bride’s mom), & Bride
Florist: Linky Sugg
Wedding Gown: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal
Men’s tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse

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