Morgan Ridge Vineyards Bridal | Leah

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Morgan Ridge Vineyards Bridal

You may remember Leah, from Chris & Leah’s Concord engagement session in the pines!  Can I just say how freaking awesome this girl is?!  She is ALWAYS happy, always smiling and always content in every situation.  She has an amazing spirit and a wonderful laugh that gets me every time!  She is something special indeed, and Chris is a lucky man to have her by his side. 🙂  We love them both and we were thrilled to capture their AMAZING destination wedding in Wilmington, on Sunday.  We can’t wait to share our favorites from their happy day… but in the meantime, leave a big congrats down below, to the beautiful bride!!

Check out Morgan Ridge Vineyards if you’re looking for a sweet place in NC, to get married.. and then call us! 😉

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