Locust NC Wedding | Daniel & Ellen

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Locust NC Wedding | Daniel & Ellen

What a perfect morning wedding it was!  Daniel & Ellen started planning their special day just a few short months ago since Daniel would have to leave for deployment soon after.  They only had a small window of time to plan and to say their “I-Do’s” and weren’t even sure if their wedding date would work out.  But let us tell you how blessed these two are… Their family and friends all began helping in every way they could, from details to organizing to everything else in between.. To have that much love and support we know one thing is true, this couple is loved!  We quickly fell in love with them too.  Their kind hearts and warm presence was evident from the first moment we met them and seeing them together on their wedding day was so special.  Daniel & Ellen are the kind of people who are both awesome individually but together, they make a perfect fit.

We adored their brunch themed, morning wedding and loved how simple and relaxed everything was.  A few of our favorite details were the scrabble breakfast letters, the beautiful succulent centerpieces, and the table runners that were made up of sheet music hymns.  So creative!  Oh and we can’t forget that gorgeous cake, which was the perfect choice for their brunch menu.  It was all, simply lovely!

Daniel & Ellen – May God bless your marriage and keep you safe when you’re apart.. We can’t wait for you guys to be reunited again!  Thank you for letting us capture your special day, it was beautiful!


Ceremony venue – Carolina Presbyterian Church

Reception venue – private residence

Bridal gown – Hayden Olivia Bridal

Officiant – Mike Hervey

Florist – Red Bridge Floral

Cake artist – Sassy Cakes Bakery

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