Liberty State Park New Jersey Wedding | Larry + Diane

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Liberty State Park Wedding | Larry + Diane

A few day ago, we posted a very special engagement & stop-motion session of this awesome couple!  And today, we are thrilled to share their wedding day!  What a beautiful Friday afternoon it was in lovely Liberty State Park, in Jersey City.  Mark & I were on a photography high going into Larry & Diane’s wedding since we had such a wonderful session with them the day before.. AND these two people are so sweet, they took us out to dinner (southern style, haha) the night before their wedding!  Could our couple’s be any cooler?!

These two started their day off, getting ready, at the Westin hotel.  We were loving the city views from every room!  Then we traveled to Liberty State Park where their wedding would be held at the Maritime Parc venue later that day.  Mark & I were immediately obsessed with Liberty Landing Marina and couldn’t stop taking pictures of all the boats!  It was the perfect spot for the couple to see each other for their first look.

Our favorite thing about this day (besides the awesome view of The Statue of Liberty and the beautiful Manhattan skyline showing off for us), was all the little touches that Larry & Diane put into their day.  Every touch was so them!  The red & white wine that they made for their party favors, with the adorable custom labels of the entire Rhodes crew (their dog and two cats).. to Larry’s signature NY hat, made specially for their big day..  Plus, a cake made to look like a beer bottle and a basket of wings has got to be the coolest groom’s cake we have ever seen!  And these two had a taco truck outside for all their guests to enjoy as a night cap!  There are just so many cute things that they incorporated into their wedding but it’s more fun to let the pictures tell the story! 😉

Larry & Diane – We have felt so grateful to be a part of your lives throughout your engagement and wedding day!  We can’t wait to see where married life leads you but we know we will be following along in your story all the way.  You two make an awesome pair and we have loved getting to know you.  Thanks for bringing us to Jersey City and sharing your lives with us!

Mark & Kelly


Getting ready venue – The Westin

Wedding venue – Maritime Parc

Florist – A Touch Of Elegance

Cake artist – Maritime Parc

Hair artist – Gina Maltese

DJ – Paul Anthony Entertainment

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