Lake Norman Elopement | Dean & Molly

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Lake Norman Elopement | Dean & Molly

Elopements are near and dear to our hearts since Mark and I ourselves were married with just eight of our closest family members to witness.  We love the feeling of documenting other couple’s intimate ceremonies because that’s what we chose for our special day as well.  Dean & Molly wanted a simple, morning wedding, located by the water.  Lake Norman was a perfect choice!  Knowing exactly what they wanted, Dean & Molly planned everything out a few weeks in advance.  They said the most important thing to them was getting married and having beautiful photography of their special moment… our perfect clients!  Molly and her closest family and friends took care of all the little details.. DIY flowers and all.  All their little touches were so adorable and the perfect amount of charm for their elopement by the lake!  We loved every minute of working with these two and our only complaint is that because they kept things so simple, we don’t get to spend more time with these two!  LOL 🙂

Dean & Molly, we wish you guys all the love and happiness in the world!

Venue: Lake Norman
Makeup and Hair: DIY / Kristen Thomas
Cake artist: Sweet Cakes
Florist: DIY / Kristen Thomas

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