Huntington Beach Engagement | Greg & Austin

You guys know how much we love to ROAM, so big surprise, we LOVE destination engagement sessions! So, when Greg & Austin chose the coast for their Huntington Beach engagement session location.  We were psyched to explore a new place down by the sea that we’ve never been before. Plus, it didn’t hurt that Greg & Austin are the cutest and sweetest couple, ever! So they made the adventure, all the more fun. These two actually live in North Myrtle Beach (we’re totally jealous!) so it was only about an hour away for them and about four hours away for us, from Concord. This is another reason we truly love living in NC. In just a few short hours you can be overlooking gorgeous mountain views, or swimming with jellyfish in the beautiful Atlantic ocean!

We fell in love with Greg & Austin right away.. We know we always brag about how awesome our couples are, but we really are so blessed to consistently work with such sweet people. Greg & Austin are just plain cool and we felt ourselves geeking out over a lot of shared interests. Getting to know them better and having them in front of our cameras was like a breath of fresh air. Mixed with the actual salty, seaside air, we were definitely in our happy place for this Huntington Beach Engagement.

Leading up to their session, we had major Summer thunderstorms. And It looked like Greg & Austin’s session would be a rainy one. Austin reached out to confirm that we were still on even with the unpredictable weather and we were thankful to hear her say that they weren’t afraid of a little rain. These two had the best attitudes about the dreary weather and were completely game for whatever may come our way. We felt the same way and assured them that there’s a lot of creativity and variety up for grabs, regardless of the weather’s plans. Once the session started, with big puddles on the ground and raindrops fallen on our heads, we were inspired right away! There’s a lot to be said with working “under the pressure” of uncontrolled situations. And with a cool couple like Greg & Austin who trusted us completely and didn’t mind getting a little wet, we were rocking it!

We started off by exploring around this really neat castle that was located right next to the sea. It was giving us all the Spanish vibes and looked really epic under the cloudy sky. Then we found a little ‘off the beaten path’ that led us straight out to the ocean. The rain quickly cleared up and left us this perfect sea breeze and beautiful sky. We were loving every minute and due to the weather, even had the place almost all to ourselves. One of our favorite parts of this session was finding an extremely long boardwalk on the sound, that touched along the water as you walked across. Because it was slightly flooded, the boardwalk was even fully submerge in certain spots and we had to walk through the water in order to continue on the path. We had never seen anything like it and once again, loved the fact that Greg & Austin didn’t even hesitate to trudge right through the mirky waters with us.

Lastly, we ended the session back on the beach for some super fun final moments with these two. We couldn’t get over how natural they both were in front of our cameras and we cannot wait to work with them again for their special day. They’ll be tying the knot in Wilmington next February, and we’re so excited for them!

Greg & Austin, thank you again for being so laid back and fun to work with on this Huntington Beach Engagement. And for your trust and willingness to work through the rain. Thanks to you guys, we got some killer moments and we are so excited to create more on your wedding day!

Mark & Kelly

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