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Griffith Park Engagement | Remington & Jennifer

This whole session was an absolute dream.  Mark and I keep saying that we were sleep-walking our way through Hollywood.  Remington & Jennifer were a joy to have in front of our cameras as well as a blast to hang out with in our evening in Hollywood.  Throughout the session, we were overlooking amazing views of downtown LA and the beautiful California sunshine decided to set perfectly over the Hollywood sign as a little cherry on top of this already perfect session.  We walked all over the Hollywood canyons near the Griffith Observatory and at the end of the night we even got to look into a couple of telescopes.  We saw a close up of the moon and Saturn!  Pretty cool way to end the night.. we will never forget it.

Remington & Jennifer, you guys are a beautiful couple and we LOVED getting to hang with you both out in Hollywood.  You guys are so natural together.. thank you for being so willing to trek all over the Hollywood Hills with us, we had a blast!!

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