Greenville SC Engagement | Andy & Amanda

Greenville SC Engagement | Andy & Amanda

 When we first met Andy & Amanda, we loved hearing the story of how they met and the commonalities they both shared. We quickly realized what a strong connection they had and we were excited to get to know them more. They both work as managers at everyone’s (seriously EVERYONE’S) favorite place……………. TARGET! (Told you it was everyone’s favorite)! 😉 Knowing how absolutely addicting Target can be, we personally have no clue how they manage to make it out of that place everyday without spending their entire paychecks but how cool that they get to face that (completely real) struggle together!

We love that they chose Greenville, SC for a sentimental engagement session and a small, special getaway together. Neither of us had ever visited Poinsett Bridge but it turned out to be a perfect spot for exploring and capturing some sweet moments. The old stone bridge was massive and intriguing with a grand archway and a perfect little river flowing through it. We loved hopping around from rock to rock with these two and enjoyed their company immensely.

Andy & Amanda, you guys are so sweet and we had so much fun getting to know you both. Thanks for being so wonderful to work with and for trusting us to document this special time in your lives. We cannot wait to get you guys back in front of our cameras this October!

Mark & Kelly

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