Meet Brock & Beatrice! Goodness, we had a blast getting to know these two for their Greensboro Garden Engagement. They're getting married this October and we couldn't be more excited to witness their upcoming wedding day. They chose to have their adventure session surrounded by beautiful gardens in Greensboro.

Greensboro Garden Engagement

It was lovely spending the afternoon laughing and roaming through bamboo trees, with these two. We're so thankful they trust us already and can't wait to capture more special moments for them like this Greensboro Garden Engagement!

Mark & Kelly

Greensboro Garden Engagement

More about the Gardens: Greensboro Beautiful has developed a series of thematic events in Greensboro’s public gardens. These events were created in an effort to introduce more people to our gardens, inform them about our work, and showcase the richness of talent within our community and region. Greensboro Beautiful has developed four distinct public gardens with the generous support of private contributions. While Greensboro's gardens offer visual and sensory enjoyment, the impact goes beyond the surface of physical beauty. The gardens grow more than trees and flowers; they nurture strong communities by contributing to education, environmental conservation, health and recreation.

Sweet, sweet is the greeting of eyes,
And sweet is the voice in its greeting,
When adieus have grown old and goodbyes
Fade away where old Time is retreating.
Warm the nerve of a welcoming hand,
And earnest a kiss on the brow,
When we meet over sea and o’er land
Where furrows are new to the plough.

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