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Greensboro Engagement | Travis & Audrey

Travis & Audrey live in the land down under!  Luckily, they know one of our awesome past couples and found us through them.  We happily met these two over a FaceTime meeting and hit it off right away!  Now, finally, Travis & Audrey are back in the states and able to meet up for a fun Greensboro engagement session with us.  These two are between a major move (from Australia to Austria) and have been planning their USA wedding from afar.  Can you say, stressful?!  If anyone can handle it, it’s these guys!  Travis & Audrey are both incredibly smart (Travis being a real, life mathematician!) and incredibly in love.  Normally, we have to break the ice a little at the start of an engagement session because “cuddling” in front of the camera doesn’t come easy to most, lol.  However, these two had no trouble showing off their romantic side!  We love when our couples take full advantage of their Greensboro engagement sessions and are able to ‘let go’ of anything stressful going on in their lives at the time.  We try to tell our brides and grooms to enjoy the engagement session like a ‘date night.’  Leave your phones in the car and come prepared to hang out, cuddle, and kiss!  …And that’s exactly what they did. 🙂

Spending the afternoon with these guys was a great time and we love being the ones who get to tell their story.  Stay tuned for their special day… it’s THIS Saturday!!

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