This HAS to be the absolute latest we've ever posted our Favorite Moments / Year In Review blogpost. However, it just goes to show how busy things have been around here. Also, some MAJOR updates had to take place first before we could continue with our regular blogging schedule... Like, the launch of our NEW updated website www.thestewartsroam.com! And goodness, that's been the toughest part of all, keeping so much beautiful wedding & engagement work in our dusty archives waiting for things to get finished up and finally be shared with the world!

As always though, we MOSTLY do these super long blogposts for ourselves. To be able to look back on our work over the course of a whole year, is always such a wonderful reminder of what we went through (the good, bad, and the crazy, lol!). Even though we share our 'favorites,' these photos are filled with SO MANY memories from everything that happened in front of the camera, behind the camera, and personally in our own lives away from the camera. It's a blessing, for us, to have these memories too. We're so personally connected to each couple that steps in front of our lenses and we never want to miss a moment to thank them all for their continued love and support.

Speaking of, in 2022, we got to work with so many WONDERFUL couples and even sprinkled in some great travels too (duh, you know we're always roaming!). We certainly were blessed with a busy year for our photography business, which was fantastic but also (if we're honest) exhausting. We’ve already taken notes and made a conscious effort to scale things back this year. And though it's difficult saying 'no' to some really great opportunities, in this season of life, we know it's what we need for ourselves to stay creative. Wish us luck with that, lol! And, if you’re trying to book us for a wedding this year or in the future, DON'T WAIT to get in touch with us since we will be capping our events even more, moving forward.

A huge shoutout to all the amazing vendor teams we got to work with this year. We are blessed to get to work with some outstandingly talented people in this industry and it’s one thing that keeps us so inspired. And again to our amazing 2022 couples, WOW, you all were truly beyond wonderful to work and play with. 🙂 You’re the reason our job stays so fun year after year. We may be introverts by nature but getting to work with you all keeps us roaming and keeps us continuing to seek out the adventurous moments in life. Capturing these milestones for you all has been our greatest honor. Thank you for choosing us, supporting our small business, ordering your prints through your online galleries with us (this is the biggest way to continue to send love our way!), and for doing all the things that keep us serving NC and beyond, for going on 13 years now. We love and appreciate you all so much.

Now, this blogpost may be long (duh), but we sifted through thousands of photos (not kidding) and couldn’t stop coming back to these favorite moments (below). So grab a large coffee and take a break, with us. Enjoy this 'little' look-back over, The Stewarts Roam’s Favorite Moments of 2022!

Show us some love (mostly for having to wait so long to post this blog!) by COMMENTING below or on the IG post in your feed. Do you have a favorite moment with us, from years past? We'd love to see your photo shares. Don't forget to tag us @thestewartsroam and you can link our new updated website www.thestewartsroam.com too, if you want to bask in our joy with us! Thanks friends, we know it's going to be a great year.

Mark & Kelly

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