Duke Mansion Bridal Portraits | Charlotte, NC | Erica

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Duke Mansion Bridal Portraits | Charlotte, NC | Erica

Mark & I knew that this was going to be an epic Duke Mansion Bridal Session.. with this amazing venue on such a beautiful day AND with this gorgeous bride, we couldn’t have asked for more!  The luxurious Duke Mansion was a perfect pick for this elegant bridal session.  We had a blast wandering the grounds and using the beautiful sunlight to our advantage.. not to mention, all the blooming flowers in the venue’s gardens were perfectly blossomed!  Brett & Erica’s sophisticated wedding was held at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, NC.  Stay tuned to see their wedding day unfold!

>>>UPDATED>>>  Be sure to see Brett & Erica say their “I-Do’s” at Carmel Country Club by clicking here:  Wedding Day

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