DuPont Forest Engagement | Stephen & Chandler

We had such a fun time with this adorable couple on their DuPont Forest engagement session! It was our first time visiting this awesome place (for all four of us). So we roamed around together looking for beautiful spots and pretty light. And my goodness did we find plenty of both!

Stephen & Chandler make such a lovely couple. We enjoyed getting to know them more and catching some sweet moments as we explored around. We were loving all the pretty fall vibes that this place had to offer but the best part was through the forest and further up the trail. We kept walking until we began hearing falls in the distance. When we finally reached our destination, we were in awe of how big the waterfalls actually were! We all fell kind of silent as the rushing sounds of water and the beauty of it all overtook us for a moment. It was a beautiful Monday afternoon and having these gorgeous waterfalls all to ourselves was so peaceful. Stephen & Chandler were so cute in front of our cameras and we cannot wait to photograph them again for their special day, this March.

Stephen & Chandler, thank you guys for roaming around with us in this awesome location and for trusting us to capture these fun DuPont Forest engagement photos for you. We had a blast!

Mark & Kelly

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