Dubai Engagement Session | Omar & Suzy

 Where do we begin?! Incase you missed it, Omar & Suzy’s absolutely amazing wedding day (the day before) has already been blogged. It was a beautiful day and we can’t stop bragging about how lovely this couple was to work with!

For their day after Dubai Engagement Session, we decided to start off by exploring a really cool Souk. It was full of gorgeous architecture that screamed “Dubai” and we were loving the fact that practically no one was around but us. Omar & Suzy told us it was a work day there, so we took full advantage of having this cool place to ourselves. It was such a relaxed session and we kept having to remember to snap photos along the way. Omar & Suzy were so fun to hang out with that is was easy to get caught up in the moment of “just being there.” After we finished at the Souk and as the sun began setting, we decided to head to a secret beach for some more photos. When we arrived, we were able to drive right up onto the sand and once again, it looked like we had the place almost entirely to ourselves. It was so secluded and we were grateful for such an amazing opportunity with these two. The views were awesome and the water was calm. Plus, the amazingly beautiful Burj al Arab was a focal point in the background, just off the shore. It was killer having such an iconic Dubai building as part of the session.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon watching the sun go down and playing some fun games with Omar & Suzy. These two have absolutely contagious smiles and you can’t help but feel so happy whenever you’re around them. We couldn’t stop laughing and making jokes as we enjoyed the last bit of daylight together. We seriously cannot express enough how incredible this whole experience, from the wedding day through the adventure session, was with these two. They are beautiful people inside and out and we feel so blessed to know them.

Omar & Suzy, we loved capturing your love in this beautiful place, for you to always look back on and enjoy. Thanks a million times for letting us come be a part of these special moments in your lives!

Mark & Kelly

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