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So I realize that I am a little late in posting my December goals.  I normally don’t publicize our goals online, but I thought it would be a fun way to list a few things out as well as help us follow through with them.  I don’t plan on posting these EVERY month because I know the bigger, more long term goals won’t change but I still thought it would be a great way to document a little of the behind the scenes day to day progress.  We would love it if others would share their personal or business goals with us as well!  Just comment below or link us to your goals if you have them listed online.  So, without further adieu, here are some of The Stewart’s (December 2013) Goals!!



  • Styled Shoot – a bit of a long term goal that we want to begin planning this month.
  • Getting featured – we have been so fortunate and blessed to be featured so much this past year.. we want to keep this momentum going strong!
  • Print magazine – earlier this year I designed a (roughly 20 spread) magazine with the intention of using it to ‘welcome’ our new wedding clients. the feedback we have received from it has been great and our goal now is to get it offline and into print.
  • About Us Video – (sigh) another very long term goal of ours. but this is already in the works and hopefully will be something added to our website in the new year.
  • Christmas Cards – when we started this list, I hadn’t begun designing our cards yet.. but since then I have completed designing them and they have been printed! we’ll be mailing these out today or tomorrow hopefully!
  • Best of 2013 – need to gather our favorite images from this year’s weddings and get to blogging!
  • Albums – our album company has all new colored albums as well as new leather covers. hopefully this month I’ll get our samples photographed and posted for everyone to see.


  • Start Christmas shopping Finish Christmas shopping – for those of you that know me well, you will know that I am a bit of a procrastinator. especially when it comes to Christmas shopping, I have never been one to ‘get into the spirit of Christmas’ until at least mid December (hence, I’m just now posting our December goals!) Though, I absolutely love shopping for others and finding them the perfect gift, I just am bad about getting it done in a timely fashion.. can anyone else relate? Let me know, I would love a buddy to shop with on Christmas eve 😉
  • Our annual Christmas tree video – I desperately need to get this thing edited.. it’s just one of those things that’s fun to shoot but tough to get finished. stay tuned for it sometime in the coming days!
  • 365’s – I am on a journey to document my life by capturing a self portrait everyday for 1 year. follow me on to help cheer me on!
  • Make Chicken pie – If you follow my 365 project you will see that I made my first Chicken pie for Mark a few weeks ago and ever since then, he has been asking for more!


Well, there you go!  A few of our December Goals listed out for the world to see.. I know there are a ton more that could be added to each list, seeing as I have 1,752 post-it notes on my desk!  But this will do for now.  Stay tuned for our annual Christmas video.. it’s going to be awesome!!  Comment below with some of your goals before the new year makes its debut!  We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!

The Stewarts

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