Craggy Gardens Foggy Engagement | James & Jess

When it was time to meet up with James & Jess for their Craggy Gardens foggy engagement session, things did not go according to plan. They chose a spot located in the mountains but due to GPS malfunctions and a huge chunk of distance between us and them, we had to quickly switch gears. Luckily, these two could not be more calm, cool, and collected. Not only were they game to change locations at the last minute, but they were fully down to do whatever necessary to make the session happen. At the end of the day, James and Jess realized what we hope all our couples realize, which is you simply can’t control everything… and sometimes it’s actually better that way! 🙂 Thanks to their relaxed and adventurous souls, we had a freaking blast roaming around on top of a mountain, in the thickest fog we’ve ever seen.

We quickly rerouted our GPS and saw that Craggy Gardens (one of our absolute favorite spots) wasn’t too far away. James and Jess were immediately on board and even said that they had been wanting to go there themselves. The stars begin aligning again and we were back on track. We reached the destination to meet our sweet couple and literally sat watching as an enormous cloud of thick, dense fog began to roll in overtop of our heads. Given that nothing else had gone to plan so far, we couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that we were being thrown another curve ball. Being wedding photographers for over eight years has taught us so much. But mostly it’s taught us to not get bent out of shape when something doesn’t go ‘perfectly’ how we thought it would. In fact we continue to learn over and over again, how when you let go of trying to control everything, things always turn out for the better. We looked over at each other through nervous laughter and said, “challenge accepted.” Despite being unpredictable and unplanned, the fog was incredibly beautiful and added a completely magical touch to this Craggy Gardens foggy engagement session. Jessica’s red locks popped beautifully off of the green and gray wooded backdrop and we loved exploring through the craggy trees at the top of the Asheville mountains. The coolest part was how silent it was up there and due to the crazy fog, you could barely see but so many feet in front of you. We had the mountain almost entirely to ourselves and for the moment, felt as if we were the only humans alive.

James and Jess are the coolest, sweetest pair. We love how chill they are and that their hearts are craving adventure, just like ours. These two are so fun and even decided to spend the night camping in the mountains, after the session. They’re definitely doing life right, as far as we’re concerned. And we feel so lucky to be the ones who get to document these special moments, for them.

J&J, y’all are the best and we cannot thank you enough for being so trusting. We can’t wait for your special day to get here so we can get you guys in front of our cameras again!

Mark & Kelly

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