Craggy Gardens Elopement | Patrick & Tricia

Patrick met Tricia when he came into the breakfast place that she worked at. Since Patrick was from out of town, Tricia suggested that they go out line dancing. She left him her number and yelled across the restaurant “don’t stand me up!” After several beers, a shot or two and some sweet dance moves, a new chapter in life was started. Of course this was only because she dipped him while slow dancing on the truck. A few more nights out and a couple of motorcycle rides later, love was in the air!

When Tricia contacted us to ask us to photograph their special elopement in Craggy Gardens, we were ecstatic! She decided it would be fun to surprise Patrick by booking us without him knowing.. Since she knew how much he loved our work. We were so flattered and couldn’t wait for her to tell him the exciting news. 🙂

We can’t describe how perfect this day way, but we’ll do our best. It was a Wednesday in October, and all Patrick & Tricia wanted to do was to find a cool spot to officially tie the knot. The weather was rainy and unpredictable but we knew that no matter what, with these two, the day would be epic. The mist even added a gorgeous, romantic vibe to their special day. We couldn’t believe how the rain held off perfectly for their entire ceremony, too. They found a beautiful little spot, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway to say “I-Do.” With only their closest family in attendance, they exchanged their vows and Tricia dipped Patrick just like she did on their first date.

We love these two so much and love how adventurous they both are! After their ceremony, we made our way up the mountain to the long anticipated trail for this Craggy Gardens Elopement. We thought it was foggy before, but once we got higher up the mountain, we could only see a few feet in front of us. It was the thickest fog we’ve ever seen, especially while trying to photograph a bride and groom! We were up for the challenge and Patrick & Tricia were a delight. We ventured all around and even spent some time running around in the road with this crazy pair! We had the entire mountain to ourselves and didn’t see another person the whole time we were there, which was really cool. Despite the dense fog, Patrick & Tricia wanted to hike the trail like we had planned for their Craggy Gardens Elopement. We’re so glad that they didn’t let the weather spoil their plans, because it was an incredible sight. The trail was wet and muddy but Tricia hiked up her dress and was all smiles. We love how these two saw the beauty in these magical first moments of becoming newlyweds. And we’re so thankful they trusted us to capture it all, for them.

P&T, we had a freaking blast with you guys! Thanks for being so laid back and fun to work with. You two rock!!

Mark & Kelly

Venue – Blue Ridge Parkway & Craggy Gardens

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