This Craggy Garden Engagement started out gorgeous and sunny. We drove all the way up to the Craggy Gardens pinnacle and like so many times before (as we've learned from experience), just because the weather was good prior to arriving, doesn't mean it will be the same at Craggy Gardens! But that wasn't going to stop us for this Blue Ridge Parkway engagement session!

Up the Blue Ridge Parkway!

About 10 minutes before arriving, we were met with a crazy downpour of sudden rain. It was time for the session to start but we couldn't see anything more than 5 feet in front of us. We started laughing because unfortunately, there's just absolutely no way to predict weather like this. A pop up rain storm or crazy fog, always seems to greet us when we venture up these gorgeous Asheville mountains. Honestly though, in our opinion, this unbelievable spot is worth the risk. Whether it's sunny, rainy, foggy, or whatever else this place decides to throw our way, a Craggy Garden Engagement is always gorgeous through our lenses. Not to mention, a fun adventure!

Craggy Garden Engagement

We were immediately grateful to see the rain lift long enough to get out of the car to meet our wonderful couple, Aaron & Sara! We loved getting to know them more, they're both so sweet and fun to be around. They were game to take on the freshly drenched mountain and we enjoyed climbing on rocks and hopping over mud puddles with them. These two were up for anything and we loved their happy, adventurous spirits.

A wonderful silver lining of dealing with rain, almost always means we get the trails and views all to ourselves. It was fun hiking the mountain with no one around and after we made it to the top, the rain had completely stopped.

The pinnacle view of the mountain was a picturesque sight. Gorgeous views for miles with the mountains and hazy clouds that surrounded them. We were blessed with pretty pink and orange colors, with the sunset peeking through the hazy scene leftover from the wild weather. It was super epic and totally worth the muddy climb. These two were a blast to hang with. We enjoyed photographing them with the fading sunlight up until dusk.

Aaron & Sara, thanks for being so trusting with us while navigating this crazy unpredictable weather scenario. You guys are truly awesome and we loved sharing this adventure with you two! We are beyond excited to see you get married (at Overlook Barn!) in April... See you guys then!

Mark & Kelly

Blue Ridge Parkway Adventure Engagement

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