Countdown to Christmas | Stop-Motion Film #5

Welcome to the Stewart’s Countdown to Christmas!  Where we show you five consecutive years of our Stop-Motion Christmas tree films!  Starting with our first ever “Decorating the Christmas Tree video” on Friday the 20th and ending on Tuesday the 24th with the unveiling of this year’s film.  Follow along to see all 5 of our personal Stop-Motion Films.. created by us!

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To start the countdown off, let’s go back to 2009.  Mark and I had been dating for over four years and had gotten engaged in March of that year.  We bought our condo (and first home together) in October, so when Christmas time came around we were thrilled to decorate a tree in what would soon be ‘our home’ as a married couple!  We used a fake tree which was fun to build in front of the camera but as you can see it was a bit lopsided.. lol.  No worries, set to one of my favorite french songs, no one would notice!  I still love looking back at this video.. short and sweet and reminiscent of our time as an engaged couple, getting ready to start our lives together.  In an empty shell of an apartment condo that would soon be filled with ‘his and hers’ everything.  The beginning of our journey together in a new town.

We hope you enjoy being taken back to the ‘beginning’ of our Stop-Motion Film venture.. To begin the Countdown to Christmas, here is NUMBER 5:

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Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Christmas Stop-Motion Film!
The Stewarts

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