Countdown to Christmas | Stop-Motion Film #2

Welcome to the Stewart’s Countdown to Christmas!  Where we show you five consecutive years of our Stop-Motion Christmas tree films!  Starting with our first ever “Decorating the Christmas Tree video” on Friday the 20th and ending on Tuesday the 24th with the unveiling of this year’s film.  Follow along to see all 5 of our personal Stop-Motion Films.. created by us!

christmas video

It’s time to take a look back to last year’s film.. Stewart Christmas 2012!  I am biased and LOVE all of our Stop-Motion videos.. but this one was particularly fun to film and I remember feeling very proud of how it turned out.  Mark and I had a blast making this one and if you think we look a little crazy in this video.. it’s because we are!  This one took a huge chunk of time to create (filming, editing, etc) but it was so worth to us!  One of my favorite parts of this one is after we picked out our tree and you can almost ‘hear’ Mark yell “Woo!!”  He is so funny! 🙂  And of course, our cat Bella, looking up at the lights on the tree makes me smile every time I watch.  What’s your favorite part???  Here’s Stop-Motion Film #2:

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Tomorrow we unveil this year’s Christmas creation.. don’t miss it!
Thanks for following along!!
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