Countdown to Christmas | Stop-Motion Film #1

Welcome to the Stewart’s Countdown to Christmas!  Where we showed you five consecutive years of our Stop-Motion Christmas tree films!  We started with our first ever “Decorating the Christmas Tree video” on Friday the 20th and today on Tuesday the 24th, we are ending the countdown with the unveiling of this year’s film.  Thank you to everyone who followed along with us as we counted down the days to Christmas!  We have been dying to reveal this year’s Christmas film with you all, so If you enjoyed any of our Stop-Motion Films please take a minute to let us know down in the comments!

photographers_christmas001 photographers_christmas002 photographers_christmas003 photographers_christmas004 photographers_christmas005 photographers_christmas006 photographers_christmas007 photographers_christmas008 photographers_christmas009

This year’s Christmas film was a ton of fun to shoot!  Bella (our cat) makes multiple appearances, the tree is spinning, ornaments are dancing, and Mark and I go a little crazy playing with our Christmas decorations!  We hope you enjoy watching and without any further adieu’… Here is the Stewart’s Christmas film for 2013!!!

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Thank you for following along with us as we revisited all 4 of our previous Stop-Motion Christmas films as well as shared our 2013 Christmas film.. all created by us!  Leave a comment below if you enjoyed our countdown and let us know which Stop-Motion Film was your favorite!

We hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!!
The Stewarts

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