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Meet Kelly, our friend from Concord who helps watch our pups for us when we're off traveling for destination weddings. She's a free spirit, beautiful inside and out, sweet soul. And we were absolutely obsessed with getting to document some of these bridal session moments of her and her horse, Cheyenne! We were channeling lots of whimsical, farm vibes! And definitely feeling like this session could've came straight out of a Taylor Swift music video!

Sunshine after the Rain

At the beginning of the session, it started lightly raining but Kelly didn’t seem to care and we were all ready to rock it out, no matter the weather. She invited us to come to her lovely land where she has a pasture for her horses. We were super excited and thought it would be a perfect backdrop for a laid-back, dreamy Concord bridal session.

Golden Hour

For her photos, all she wanted was her horse and a golden sunset. Despite the threatening rainclouds, Kelly stayed positive and God gave us the prettiest sunset to cap off the end of our session. The horses grazing in the pasture behind Kelly in her stunning gown. It was perfect. Kelly got excited when we showed her a little teaser photo in the back of the camera and immediately started singing Taylor Swift, haha!

She kept her hair down, with flowing waves to keep with the natural, ethereal feel of the photos and we love how Kelly wasn’t afraid to traipse through all the tall grass and briar patches. She was awesome and totally "our bride!"

Upcoming Adventure Session

Stay tuned to see her & Seth's amazing adventure session (AT OUR LAND!) and their absolutely wonderful wedding day, coming soon to the blog...!

Kelly, thank you for trusting us to capture these lovely portraits for you. It was a blast!

Mark & Kelly

The Stewarts Roam Photography

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