Welcome to the Stewarts 2020 Christmas video! We’re typing to you from our little studio apartment that’s resting on 14 acres of our very own homestead. It’s the first and only year we’ll be spending Christmas in the studio. Moving is difficult in general but living out of boxes for months (with no end in sight) is another level.

We’re in the process of renovating our 1970s home and even though we’re dying to get finished and moved in our actual house, we’re also really thankful to be out here enjoying our new land. Seeing this dream we’ve had for years now finally come to fruition is still barely sinking in. Of course we know there’s still a very long way to go and our house is in shambles from the reno. So for now, we’re just keeping things as cozy as possible while we wait in the studio. This space feels like the only bit of “control” we have left at the moment. Of course, throw in three animals keeping things interesting, no where to unpack any of our boxes, and two entrepreneurs basically working out of one desk. Yeah, we’re gonna need some extra space if we ever want to get anything done around here. Plus now a NEW cat has shown up on our doorstep (seen at the beginning of the video below) and we think she plans to stick around. Apparently she heard that we’re softies who can’t turn away a sweet kitten. Okay, so we pretty much don’t have control over anything… These fur creatures are definitely running the show over here but for now, that’s all right with us.

We felt this was a fitting song for our Christmas video this year. “That’s all right,” is something we’ve been repeating (and singing) to each other a lot lately. And hearing this phrase repeated over and over in this song always puts a huge smile on our faces. It’s just a great lighthearted song and an instant mood booster.

Due to all of our ornaments and Christmas “gear” being stored away until who knows how long, we thought we’d keep things simple this year with our tree. We found this beautiful Christmas tree at an auction last year and had originally planned on selling it in our Rust Bunnies booth at The Depot at Gibson Mill. Cut to this year and finding our things in a moving disarray, we decided to use this smaller tree for ourselves and to skip the ornaments all together. Of course, then we had the idea to just have one lengthy objective to base our whole Christmas video around going out and finding one ornament to complete our tree! We thought it would be fun and easy to literally shop our own booth, down at the Depot. So that’s exactly what we did!

Life has been extra difficult this past year and everyone is feeling the weight of all the things of 2020. And even though it’s one more thing we know we can’t control, we can rest knowing that everything’s all right in the hands of the one who holds the world.

As always, we hope this year’s Christmas video brings a smile to your face. Thanks for watching. Merry Christmas, friends!!

Mark & Kelly

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