Christmas 2016 | The Stewarts

Christmas 2016 | The Stewarts

So for those of you who may have wondered, ‘where was Mark & Kelly’s Christmas video last year?’ Do not fret! We didn’t skip out on filming our annual Christmas video, we simply just never got around to editing and sharing it. A funny thing happened last year.. when we went to go film ourselves decorating our tree (per our usual tradition), we actually had a little video mishap with our GoPro and ended up not liking the footage as a result. #FAIL. In the moment, we were totally over it and figured we may just have to accept that we won’t have a video for 2016. Then, we came up with a funny idea to film us ‘taking down the Christmas tree’ instead of ‘putting it up.’ We had the fun idea of reversing the footage, so the video would ‘look’ like we were decorating as we normally do. We even ended up picking a song that wasn’t made until 2017.. A perfect cherry on top of our little misfit video and something that would have (obviously) not happened had we edited and shared it back in 2016 like it should have been.

The final video is not exactly a masterpiece and definitely represents something different than our past stopmotion videos do. However, we still think it’s funny and are happy to have something to show of our 2016 Christmas. Even if none of it went according to plan!

We hope you enjoy watching (video down below). Merry Christmas, from the Stewarts!
And stay tuned for our actual 2017 Christmas video as well. We don’t usually send out Christmas cards, so this is all you’ll get from us.. enjoy!

Mark & Kelly

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