Charlotte Wedding Photographers | Kelly Rae Stewart Photography – Behind The Scenes

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Charlotte Wedding Photographers |
Kelly Rae Stewart Photography – Behind The Scenes

We are Mark & Kelly Stewart and we are passionate about providing our brides and grooms with lasting memories throughout their time as an engaged couple as well as on their wedding day!  Being a husband and wife photography team has opened so many doors for us and allowed us both to express ourselves creatively as artists.  We don’t take our job for granted!  We feel so honored to be able to work with the awesome couples we encounter through weddings and we have been lucky enough to meet the coolest people, who truly value what we do. As followers of Christ, we believe that this has been a true calling for us and we are so excited to see where God continues to lead us through our wedding photography business.  We see marriage as so much more than just the wedding day itself.. it’s the most important relationship and commitment you can have with somebody.  Therefore, we hope to also inspire our couples to have happy and lasting marriages.  We hope that we can document these special moments in your life so that you can always have then to reflect on in times of trouble and in times of joy.

These behind the scenes shots are collected over the course of every engagement, bridal, stop-motion session, and wedding that we shoot.  We have so much fun catching each other off guard and also capturing some amazing shots of the locations we get to travel to.  We’re currently based in the Charlotte, NC area but we are happy to travel ANYWHERE to shoot a unique wedding!  If you like what you see, we hope you will shoot us an email via our connect form.  We would love to hear from you!!

The Stewarts


The Stewarts specialize in intimate, outdoor weddings with couples who are madly in love!  If you feel connected to our work, we hope you will reach out to us!

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