Charlotte Engagement & Stop-Motion Video | Jacob & Caroline

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Charlotte Engagement & Stop-Motion Video | Jacob & Caroline

It feels so good to kick off our “wedding season” with one of the sweetest couples we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  We were in love with Jacob & Caroline’s relax personalities from the second we met them via FaceTime chat!  They seemed super cool and excited to be working with us.. and the feeling was mutual!  These two just moved here a couple months ago from D.C. so we thought an engagement session in Charlotte, their new home, would be perfect.  They even brought their new puppy along for the occasion.. And “Woodley” stole our hearts, right away!  You would think that a new city, new home, and a new puppy, mixed with the stress of wedding planning would make anybody go a little crazy.  But these two are either really great at hiding it, or just too freaking awesome for anything to bring them down.  We think it’s the ladder. 😉

Jacob & Caroline, we seriously can’t tell you how much we enjoyed your company for your session.  We absolutely feel like we get to document our two new friends tie the knot, this May, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Don’t miss their adorable Stop-Motion Film that we captured, down below!

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