Carrigan Farms Elopement | Kris & Jasmine

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Carrigan Farms Elopement | Kris & Jasmine

Kris & Jasmine are two cool people!  They contacted us just a few weeks before they were planning on tying the knot.  When they said they wanted an intimate wedding on a Wednesday afternoon in October, we knew we were a perfect fit for them.  If you haven’t noticed, we adore intimate weddings!  And this one was as small as it gets.. their elopement consisted of them, their officiant, and us.  In fact, the second thing Kris & Jasmine asked us after “will you be our wedding photographers” was, “will you be our witnesses?”  We feel honored that they wanted us to be such a big part of their special day… It was lovely.  Carrigan Farms is the place they chose to say, “I-Do” and Mark and I were blown away with how awesome it was.  This giant rock quarry in the middle of Mooresville NC was completely unexpected and breathtaking.  What a perfect place to have a secret elopement!  It felt like we were the only people on the planet while standing in the middle of this spot, surrounded by huge rocks and gorgeous blue water.  Kris & Jasmine were a delight to spend the afternoon with.. we are so thrilled we got to be the ones who documented their first moments together as husband and wife.  What a special day it was!


Venue – Carrigan Farms
Dress – David’s Bridal
Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Tux – Men’s Warehouse
Details – DIY

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