Carmel Country Club Wedding | Jacob & Caroline

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Carmel Country Club Wedding | Jacob & Caroline

Just a couple months ago we had the honor of photographing Jacob & Caroline for the first time at their Stop-Motion engagement session in Uptown Charlotte. It was an awesome afternoon and we couldn’t have fallen more in love with these two kind souls!  Meeting and working with people like this is why we do what we do for a living.  Obviously, creating art and the blessing of working with our hands is our biggest draw to photography.  But the reason we love wedding photography so much is because of people like this!  Being able to creatively tell their stories and sharing in one of the most special and intimate days with them, is more of a blessing than we ever realized it would be.

Jacob & Caroline were married at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, NC.  It was a gorgeous day and we got our first real taste of Summer!  Caroline was relaxed and glowing throughout the day and Jacob was all smiles, as usual!  As far as I can tell, nothing “went wrong” at the wedding but even if it did, you wouldn’t ever know it from looking at this couple.  They are about as calm and collected as they come, which makes them AWESOME in our book!  We love it when couples’ can shed all their stress and truly live in the moment of their wedding day.  Jacob & Caroline did just that, and as a result, we were able to capture beautiful memories for them to treasure forever.

J&C – We feel so lucky that we found each other, last year, and we are so excited to see you guys embark on your new journey together as husband & wife.  We only hope that we can remain apart of your lives now that you live so close by!  You two are wonderful, amazing people and friends. 🙂


Venue – Carmel Country Club
Florist – Pink Petunia Designs
Coordinator – Megan Fennie
Hair & Makeup Artist – Who’s The Fairest
Wedding dress – J Majors
Band – Horizon through Sam Hill Entertainment
Minister – Patrick Maloy

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