Cancun Mexico Wedding | Christian & Alison

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Cancun Mexico Wedding | Christian & Alison

Back in February, I had the honor to fly to Mexico with my dear friend Julia, who just so happens to be a kick-butt wedding photographer herself (check out Amore Vita Photography to see her lovely work).  She asked me and my photo skills to join her for a killer engagement session as well as a very special wedding elopement in beautiful, Cancun Mexico!  And no way was I going to pass up on that adventure! 🙂

Christian & Alison started their wedding day off anxious and excited to say their “I-do’s!”  Julia and I felt so honored to be their only wedding guests and of course, the ones capturing the look and feel of their special day.  Cancun’s perfect sunny weather didn’t disappoint and there wasn’t a rain drop in sight.  I loved watching Christian nervously pace back and forth at the front of the sandy alter.. I don’t think I have ever seen a groom more ready to see his beautiful bride!  Seeing these two stare into each other’s eyes with the breathtaking Mexico shoreline behind them was simply perfect.  I know these two will never forget the amazing memories created on that day… in sunny Cancun… on Valentine’s Day… celebrating each other… and declaring their love to one another!  Thanks again, Julia, for having me along for this incredible trip!

And just in case you missed it, be sure to check out the gorgeous sunrise session we shot the day before!

All images shot while working for Amore Vita Photography 🙂

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