Cancun Mexico Engagement | Christian & Alison

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Cancun Mexico Engagement | Christian & Alison

Back in February, I had the honor to fly to Mexico with my dear friend Julia, who just so happens to be a kick-butt wedding photographer herself (check out Amore Vita Photography to see her lovely work). She asked me and my photo skills to join her for a killer engagement session as well as a very special wedding elopement in beautiful, Cancun Mexico! And no way was I going to pass up on that adventure! 🙂

Not only did we end up having an amazing time together, but getting to shoot in such an amazing setting was just what the doctor ordered. We flew out a couple days before Valentine’s Day (leaving the hubby and fiancé to fend for themselves). We left North Carolina on the verge of snow showers and we were greeted in Cancun by warm weather, sunshine, and sand. Ahhhhh, I miss it already!

This session was wonderful and started off bright and early with the rising sun.  Christian & Alison were darling to photograph.  They are from Charlotte as well and just as sweet and southern as can be!  I hope these images get you excited for some summery weather (hopefully on the horizon!) and that you will stay tuned for pictures from their awesome wedding day as well.

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