We met up with Adam & Emily for this Camp North End Engagement in Charlotte, for their fun adventure session. We love that they chose Camp North End for it’s quirky and interesting vibes. Not to mention all the amazing art on every wall!

These two were immediately so natural in front of our cameras and we really enjoyed getting to roam around and laugh together. Especially, after being so cooped up from being in quarantine (due to the Coronavirus), it was a breath of fresh air getting to be in person with a sweet couple again.

Adam & Emily were game for anything we threw at them. It was easy to see the amazing love they have for one another and even easier to see what a gorgeous couple they make. We just adore their wonderful personalities!

The day lended us a wonderful sunset and we spent our time wisely hopping from one cool wall to the next for this Camp North End Engagement. The city vibes were perfect for these two. We’re beyond excited to get these guys back in front of our lenses this December, at one of our favorite venues in Charlotte. It’s going to be awesome.

Adam & Emily, we can’t thank you enough for being such a delight. We’re so happy to be working with you guys and are counting down the days to your wedding. We know it will be beautiful! See you both soon!!

Mark & Kelly

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