We met up in the NC mountains at Black Balsam Knob for this Black Balsam Engagement session. This really cool spot has quickly become one of our favorite places to explore. We're totally obsessed with the pine tree forests and it's only a short hike up the mountain to witness gorgeous views.

As we roamed through the pine trees and made our way up the trail, the weather opened up perfectly for this Black Balsam Engagement. The sun was shining and lended us an exquisite autumn day. We even got to see some gorgeous orange and red sky colors poking through rolling clouds, at the high elevation.

Eric & Serena were so natural together and trusted us completely. We reached the top of the mountain right at dusk. The sun was setting and it was too pretty to miss out on. So we took our time and enjoyed the fleeting sunlight. Had we left earlier, we would have missed some super romantic moments up there. Once we started making our way back down the mountain, of course we ended up hiking back in complete darkness. How cool are our couples for being so go with the flow?! We're so grateful for these two and their adventurous hearts!

Back at our Jeeps (woo hoo, we love Jeep people!!) we started saying our goodbyes but had a last minute idea to snag a couple cool moments only using the headlights from Serena’s Jeep. They probably thought we were crazy (which we are!) but we love that they not only trusted us, but were just up for anything we threw at them. It’s so fun as artists to be able to push our creativity. And being with couples who give us the time and space to try our crazy ideas, is exactly what keeps us motivated.

Black Balsam Engagement

Eric & Serena, we can’t thank you guys enough for letting us capture real, raw moments of your love. We had a complete blast with you both!

Mark & Kelly

The Stewarts Roam Photography

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