Biltmore Proposal | David & Sara

He planned to propose when the moment was just right. With the ring burning a hole in his coat pocket, they walked together beside the river on the beautiful grounds at the Biltmore estate. And when he couldn’t wait any longer to get down on one knee… he asked and she said, YES!

David contacted us ahead of time asking us to capture this special moment in time. He & Sara were wedding guests at the Biltmore wedding we had photographed earlier that morning. He said he knew he wanted to propose after the wedding was over and we were so excited to see how everything would unfold. David & Sara went off and explored the Biltmore grounds on foot. It was in this moment that David’s plan to propose couldn’t be paused any longer. He picked a perfect spot by the River side and explained to Sara why they were really there. She said she had no clue that it was coming and delightfully accepted David’s proposal!

David & Sara are ENGAGED and we couldn’t be happier for them! We loved getting to know them on this gorgeous Spring afternoon and we are excited to see what they plan for their own special day, in the future.

David & Sara, thank you for allowing us to be a part of this awesome Biltmore Proposal. You two are a perfect pair!

Mark & Kelly

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